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Ghost Recon Breakpoint How to Change Class

Change your class anytime your near camp.

by William Schwartz


In Ghost Recon Breakpoint there are four distinct classes that you can use for your character.  You can swap freely between the four classes once you have them all unlocked, but to change classes you simply need to have more than one of them unlocked.  Once you do, you will be able to change your class in Breakpoint.

You can change your class by heading to the Bivouac Tactics option

To execute the change you will also need to visit the Bivouac.  Once you sit down to rest at the Bivouac you will see different options at the bottom of the screen.  To change your class you’re going to want to select the Tactics option.

After selecting Tactics you will be brought to a screen where you can select between the classes that you have unlocked.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes

There are four classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint:  Assault, Sharpshooter, Panther, and Field Medic.  Each class has unique class techniques, class items, and class proficiency.

Assault Class

Class Technique – True Grit – Recoil Reduction and damage resistance.  Kills heal and extend duration

Class Items – Gas Grenade – Hand-thrown Area Control Device: damages over time

Class Proficiencies – Extra Health, Bonuses with AR and Shotgun

Panther Class

Class Technique – Cloak & Run – Disappear behind a smoke screen

Class Item – Cloaking Spray – Self -use: renders user undetectable by drones

Class Proficiencies – Bonus Stealth, Faster Movement Speed, Suppressors do not reduce damage on SMG and Handgun

Sharpshooter Class

Class Technique – Armor Blaster – High Penetration bullets with bonus damage and velocity

Class Item – Sensor Launcher – Marks enemies in a large area

Class Proficiencies – Longer Breath Control, Bonus with Sniper and DMR

Field Medic Class

Class Technique – Healing Drone – Heals and revives friendly teammates

Class Item – Medkit – Deployable device that heals injuries and gains extra health

Class Proficiencies – Faster Revive, Carry bodies faster, Self-revive

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