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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Edit Clothes Color

They'll never see you coming.

by William Schwartz


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is all about finding new gear that will make your character more powerful.  While the weapons and gear that you find will do just that, sometimes you might not like what it looks like.  You can use the skin override feature in the game to change it to something that you like more.

Skin override in Breakpoint allows you to change the color of gear that you have equipped.  This can be done through the customize menu option on the pause screen where you can cycle through different appearance options.  Simply highlight this menu option in Customize and then tab over to the Gear and Accessories tabs to start changing your gear colors.

Changing the colors will not change any of the stats associated with the gear so even if you change it to something you like more, it will still as powerful as it was.  You’ll need to change the color for each piece of equipment by highlighting the item and then selecting the “Edit Color” option.  This will open another menu with a list of colors or patterns that you have available.

How to get different colors, camos, and patterns

The different colors, camos, and patterns that you have available are tied to finding them in the game or completing in-game challenges.  Some ask you to find in chests, while others have you completing specific missions.

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