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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Interrogate

Extract the information you need.

by William Schwartz


Some missions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint require that you gain additional intel once you arrive at a mission location.  One of the ways to gain this information is by interrogating soldiers.  To do this, you’re going to need to first wound the soldier and then approach him to make him talk.

The soldiers you want to target are the ones with the circles above their heads with the “i” in it.  These soldiers can be interrogated if you wound them and then pick them up while they are on the ground.  What you’ll want to do is not aim for the head or chest when targeting these enemies.  Instead, aim for their legs and they will go down but still alive.

Once they are wounded, make sure you take out any other nearby enemies so you can approach cleanly and interrogate the character.  Approach the character and it will ask you to pick them up by showing a button prompt.  Doing so will then give you a new prompt to interrogate the character.

Once you’re through with them you can do what you wish.  You can knock them out, kill them, or use them as a human shield.

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