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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Unlock the ACS12

A devastating auto shotgun awaits

by Joshua Garibay


Ghost Recon Breakpoint has released Title Update 3.0 and with it comes a handful of new weapons. One of the newest additions is the ACS12, more commonly known as the AA-12. The multi-week challenge requirement for the ACS12 in Ghost Recon Wildlands is long gone and the automatic shotgun can be secured through far less demanding means in Breakpoint. Here is how to add this hard-hitting weapon to your selections.

Unlocking the ACS12 – Maria’s Shop

Unlike the main game weapon unlocks, obtaining the ACS12 does not require locating a weapon blueprint in one of the countless caches scattered across Auroa. In fact, the only prerequisite is tied to Skell Credits. Assuming you have a decent stockpile of Skell Credits, head to Erewhon in the Mount Hodgson province. Once inside the cave hideout, locate Maria’s Shop in the center of camp. Interact with Maria, select “Shop,” and tab over to the Build Weapons section. Here you will find a list of available blueprints for purchase.

With Title Update 3.0 installed, the ACS12 will now appear in the lineup. The gun costs 20,000 Skell Credits to purchase. For 3,000 additional credits, I recommend snagging the shotgun extended mag (titled STG Extended Magazine) from Maria’s Attachments shop section if you have yet to do so already. The extended mag will allow the standard ACS12 box mag to be swapped out for the more iconic drum mag. If you are short on the in-game currency, there are multiple ways to achieve a decent sum in little time, which are listed below:

Unique Plunders: Notable locations on the map often include a Unique Plunders designation when highlighted. Here you can see how many Skell Credits, if any, are hidden in a given spot. Unmarked caches and unique Skell-specific caches award credits, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.

Missions: For newer players, simply progressing through missions will award Skell Credits. The enemies encountered along the way also have a chance of dropping small bundles. Chances are that those who have spent time clearing out the main campaign and previous two episodes already have credits sitting in reserve, perhaps waiting for a day like today. For Year 1 Pass owners still in need of a boost, the targets pending elimination in Episode 3 award a total of more than 20,000 Skell Credits upon being wiped out.

Selling Items: If you would prefer not to even leave Erewhon to accrue the needed cash alternative, Maria is more than happy to take any desirables off of your hands. Excess Consumables and Resources can be parted with to line your virtual wallet with ease.


That’s all there is to it. Venture out into Auroa and turn the ACS12 on the Wolves and Bodark alike. For more Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips, check out our Guides page and expand the game in the right-hand column.

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