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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How To Use Bandages

Use your infinite supply.

by Dean James


Ghost Recon Breakpoint offers you multiple different ways to play, whether it’s taking on everyone you come across or trying to sneak around when you can. However, there are still plenty of moments where you absolutely have to get in gunfights with others and you are definitely going to get hurt sometimes as a result. The game doesn’t automatically recover your health, but rather requires the use of items like the Bandages. This guide will detail how to use the Bandages and what their purpose is in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Whenever you are injured in the game, you have two methods of healing yourself and we will be discussing the Bandages option this time. The great thing about Bandages are that you have an infinite supply of them to use, which is always great to see in a game like this. While you have an infinite supply though, they are a little tougher to use than the other alternative, Syringes.

To use Bandages, Hold down RB on Xbox One or the button on your respective platform to open up a wheel and select the Bandages. This will now set it to your quick menu for future use, which you can access by holding down LB on Xbox One. This starts a process of healing all of your wounds, though the issue here is that it can take awhile to heal. This means this is not a great option for when you are in the middle of combat, so make sure to check out our guide on Syringes for how to use them for a more quick on the go option.

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