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Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How to Use Binoculars

Spot enemies and ping locations.

by William Schwartz


Using the Binoculars in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to be one way to scout out your enemies before a single shot is fired.  Often times, using the binoculars is going to be your best bet for getting information about your enemies.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind when using the Binoculars in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and we’ll detail that in this guide.

First you’ll need to make sure you have the binoculars equipped


The binoculars are one of the items that are in your inventory that need to be equipped and placed into your item wheel.  To do this you need to go into the inventory menu like in the image above.  From here, you’ll see at the bottom left of this screen that there are different items that you can equip outside of your weapons and gear.  If you don’t have the binoculars equipped you’ll need to swap them into one of the bottom two slots.

This will put the item in your item wheel.  You can then access the binoculars by pressing the RB/R1 button and then selecting the binoculars.  If you have them equipped you can then use the LB/L1 button to actually use them.

The Binoculars do have some functionality that can be very helpful.  When using the binoculars you can ping locations, mark enemies, and use different vision modes to help you see enemies easier.

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