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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Use Silencer

Silencers will keep you concealed but your weapon will do less damage.

by William Schwartz


In Ghost Recon Breakpoint using a silencer allows you to engage enemies without alerting everyone around you.  The silencer in Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be equipped automatically when you start the game, but you can add and remove the silencer at any time.

Silencer can be equipped on the fly or in Gunsmith

To equip and unequip the silencer on any weapon you will press left on the d-pad on both the Xbox and PlayStation controller.

Silencers can be equipped and unequipped in the Gunsmith as well.  The Gunsmith can be accessed in the pause menu in the Loadout section.  Simply hover over the weapon you want to edit and press the X or Square button to enter the gunsmith mode.

Having the silencer equipped will allow you to stay concealed when taking shots, assuming you are out of enemy view.  However, there are some times that you might want to take off your silencer on a weapon.  Silencers do reduce a percentage of the damage that your weapon will do, unless you are using the Panther Class which has a perk that allows suppressors on Handguns and SMGs to do full damage.

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