Gotham Knights: How to Activate the Mechanism in the Powers Club

So this is what High Society is like…

by Rob Sperduto


Secrets continue to unravel in Gotham Knights, but in order to progress through the story, players must solve some challenging puzzles. While some puzzles are fairly straightforward, other puzzles like locating the bugs in the Iceberg Lounge require more thinking in Gotham Knights. One such challenge requires you to activate the mechanism in the Powers Club. If you don’t know how to follow the wires, you may end up running around in circles.

If you didn’t notice the broken lamp on one of the columns, this is your end goal, aka what needs activating.

Gotham Knights: Where do the Wires Lead in the Powers Club?

After dispatching the first two security guards in the Powers Club, scan the floor for a blood trail. Scan the floor once more and you’ll notice a Hidden Mechanism, which will reveal two sets of wires that reach into the next room. The objects that require activating are a bust sculpture and a large book, which are separated on each side of the next room. 

Upon entering the next area, dispatch all of the security guards. You can do so quietly or violently; it doesn’t make a difference. Once the security guards are dealt with, take in your surroundings. You’ll notice that this area is divided into two sections. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll call one area the Right Section and the other area the Left Section.

Where to Find the Large Book

The Large Book is found within the Right Section of the room. More specifically, the Large Book is in the corner where the stairs lead upstairs into the hallway. You may recognize this corner if you silently dispatched a security guard. While downstairs, scan your AR a couple times and you should see the book highlighted in another color.

Interact with the Large Book and proceed to the Left Section.

Where to Find the Bust Sculpture

The Bust Scultpture is found within the Left Section of the room. More specifically, you’ll find it near the piano. Scan around until you’ve found it. Then, interact with the bust sculpture. 

Note: Before leaving this room, check out the secret attack found above the piano. You can grapple to the attic to find a chest containing crafting resources, a voice recording, and a letter addressed to a familiar family member…

After interacting with both objects, return to the original area where you took down the two security guards. Now you can active the dead lamp on the wall. Once activated, the floor will open to reveal a spiral staircase that leads toward another challenging puzzle: the Owl Pieces puzzle, where you must organize sculptures into the correct position.

Gotham Knights is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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