Gotham Knights: How to Disable the Cameras Without Being Detected in the GCPD Headquarters


by Rob Sperduto


One of the first stealth sequences players encounter in Gotham Knights occurs in the GCPD Headquarters. As players search for Dr. Langstrom, they’ll come against a room full of cameras and police offers who intend to shoot on sight. It’s the first test of many, and with all that surveillance you may be confused about the best route to navigate this area unexposed, so here’s how to disable the cameras without being Detected in the GCPD headquarters in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights: How to Reach the Other Side of the Bullpen

In order to turn off the cameras, there is a panel hidden near the exit that you must interact with. This panel will turn off all of the cameras, so you don’t need to search for more than one. Keep in mind there are six cameras and three police officers in total scattered across the headquarters. You’ll need to remain totally unseen in order to receive the bonus. 

Quickly scan the room using your AR ability (down on the D-Pad) and you’ll notice a small blue icon in the far corner of the room, located near the objective marker (the white diamond). This is where you’re headed.


To avoid detection, do not go downstairs. Instead, look toward the railing to your left. Perch on top of the railing and hop onto the platform across from you. This platform is flush with the wall. Hop across the platforms until you reach the next railing. You should be on the other side of the room.


Look toward the exit. You can grapple toward the exit from where you are perched. Grapple toward the exit but make sure to do so when the cops are facing the other direction. Once you’ve made it, mantle into the room.


You won’t be able to exit just yet; the door is locked. Run down the stairs and you’ll find the panel. Interact with the panel to disable all of the cameras in the GCPD Headquarters. 

Where is the Key to Open the Exit?

With all of the cameras off, you can easily dispatch the three police officers. Make sure to Silent Takedown each of them so as not to raise suspicion. If you mess up here and are spotted, just wipe and restart the sequence from the beginning.


With the three officers down, you’ll find the exit key on the center desk facing the lobby entrance. Before you exit, you can read the files on Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood — they’re scattered throughout the room. 

Don’t forget to open the container for some crafting resources. The container is located in the upstairs hallways where you first entered the area.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Pretty soon you’ll experience one of the first puzzles in the game. If you’re not satisfied with your hero, you can switch characters in Gotham Knights at any time. Check out our Gotham Knights Tier List to learn about which of the Bat Kids may be your best fit.

Gotham Knights is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One X|S, and PC.

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