GTA Online Annis RE-7B – How to Get

Get lucky or get rich.

by AOTF Staff


In GTA Online one of the fastest cars in the game is undeniably the Annis RE-7B.  For those that love racing this is the car that you simply have to have in your garage.  In this guide we’ll explain some of the ways that you can get the Annis RE-7B in GTA Online.

Win the Annis RE-7b

A new promotion at the Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos will allow you to win the Annis RE-7B by playing the lucky wheel daily spin game.  To have a chance at winning the Annis RE-7B you simply need to head to the casino and spin the lucky wheel each day.  The Lucky Wheel will feature the Annis RE-7B until April 28th.  The odd of winning the podium vehicle via Lucky Wheel is 1-20.

Purchase the Annis RE-7B


The Annis RE-7B can also be purchased from Legendary Motorsport.  But you’re going to need to have quite a bit of cash in the bank as the super car will set you back $2,475,000.  But if you have the money you can simply use your phone to contact the different brokers that are available to purchase vehicles from.  In this case, the Annis RE-7B is found in Legendary Motorsports and is Part of Cunning Stunts.

To do this just open your phone, click on the internet tab, and then go to Travel and Transport menu item on the top of the screen.  This will open a results page which features a few different places to purchase vehicles.  Simply scroll down to Legendary Motorsports and then you can purchase the vehicle.

Is the Annis RE-7B worth it?

If you win the Annis RE-7B consider yourself very lucky.  Winning a 2.5 million dollar vehicle from a lucky wheel spin is definitely worth the time spent during the promotion.  However, if you are going to plunk down the cash for the vehicle it still might be worth it.  The Annis RE-7B is the perfect combination of speed and handling.  While there are cars that can perform better in straightaways than the Annis RE-7B, the raw acceleration and handling is unmatched on winding roads.   That said always try to save where you can and it’s definitely worth trying to win the Annis RE-7B unless you’ve got a few shark cards lying around that you don’t mind spending for one of the fastest cars in GTA Online.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2021

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