GTA Online Police Station Scope Out Guide: All Points of Interest

Scope out the police station and unlock the police cruiser.

by Diego Perez
Image: Rockstar Games

One of the first missions in GTA Online’s Chop Shop update requires you to scope out a police station to prep for a car heist. It’s a simple mission, but the objectives can be a little frustrating.

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While the Gangbanger Robbery mission rewards players with a few hundred thousand dollars and progresses the Chop Shop storyline, many players only care about this mission’s other reward. Scoping out the police station will unlock the all-new Vapid Stanier LE Cruiser for purchase at Warstock Cache and Carry. There’s no way to buy the police cruiser in GTA Online without completing this mission, so here’s what you need to know to knock it out as fast as possible.

How to Start the Gangbanger Robbery

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To start the Gangbanger Robbery so you can access the police station mission in GTA Online, you need to purchase a Salvage Yard to unlock the new Chop Shop content. Then, make your way to the property and interact with the computer to choose a mission.

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There are three car heists available for Salvage Yard owners, but only one of them unlocks the police station mission. Choose the Grotti Turismo Omaggio and begin the initial scope-out mission to get started.

How to Scope Out the Police Station in GTA Online

Once you arrive at the Mission Row police station, you’ll have to make your way to the top of a nearby parking garage with a vantage point. There are three points of interest that you need to photograph using the Snapmatic app on your in-game cell phone.

  • Police Maverick (Helicopter)
  • Ventilation Unit
  • Rear Exit

Be careful when snapping photos because the cops don’t take too kindly to people they catch snooping around. You can catch the Police Maverick and Ventilation Unit from the parking garage vantage point, but you’ll need to drive around to the other side of the building to snap a shot of the Rear Exit. You can get a good angle on it from the bridge behind the building. Just aim your camera over the barrier.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

With all three pictures taken, all that’s left to do is return to your Salvage Yard to continue preparing for the robbery. If you attract the police’s attention while scoping the place out, you’ll have to lose the cops before you can complete the mission. Once the heat dies down, you can begin the next Gangbanger Robbery mission step at the planning wall in your Salvage Yard.

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After scoping out the police station, you will be able to purchase a police cruiser from Warstock Cache and Carry. It’ll set you back a few million dollars, but you can knock a decently sized chunk of change off the price tag by completing Chop Shop missions. It’ll still cost a few million, but you can save hundreds of thousands with a little patience.

- This article was updated on December 13th, 2023

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