3 Best GTA RP Servers and How to Start Playing Them

These are the best servers open to the public

by Christian Bognar


GTA Online has a bunch of Role-playing servers. RP has grown tremendously; some have even garnered enough players well into the high thousands. That said, some servers require to be accepted, while others allow anyone to hop in and join right away with some installation of apps. Here we go over our top picks for RP servers that are worth your time and don’t require a special invitation to participate. We will also review the steps to get these up and running officially.

Best GTA RP Servers and How to Install Them

Some players love to play in a solo public lobby, while the majority prefer to play the role-playing model. These top three RP servers will provide you with the most content and quality-of-life features.

Vital RP

Pretty new to the community, Vital RP has made a name for itself. This server has about 300 players online at all times, giving you endless opportunities to interact with others while playing. Boasting a super unique HUD, various custom-scripted heists, an advanced law enforcement system, and more. Better yet, there is also a housing creation system with shared garages and access to buy anything from imports to helicopters, for example.

You can play Vital RP by accessing the Rage.MP platform by going to the server’s official website and clicking the how to play tab. They make it easy for newcomers to join by having the Rage Multiplayer platform ready to go in this section and instructions to get started. Definitely worth the few steps to get this up and running for your next GTA RP server.

Grand RP

Another prevalent server that is worth checking out is Grand RP. Tons of players constantly being online, and there is good reason for that. Users can find exciting features here as this server has its own family and gang system, where you can level up each, adding some RPG elements to the game. Also, there are always special events that will reward you with unique vehicles, items, houses, and more. Participants can also find mini-games on this server to earn a lot of money, which is rare when you compare it to other RP options in the community.

If you are interested in playing Grand RP, you can go to their official website and register for an account. Once you do that, you can power up the Rage.MP launcher and you are good to go. Very straightforward and user-friendly.

High Life RP

Another server that has a huge following and always will be populated. Featuring a bunch of real-life and custom vehicles players can get their hands on, along with unique and in-depth robberies and its very own complex drug system. The staff team behind this server is constantly working to improve the system for its users, which means there will always be new content to look forward to. Please note there are many rules to follow on this server, so if that isn’t your thing, then the recommendation is to go elsewhere. But that trait makes this a great server considering it is very anti-cheat across the board.

It’s effortless to get started with this server. Being on the FiveM platform, you will want to download FiveM onto your computer and head over to the Highlife RP official website. You will see a tab stating “Play Highlife,” which you then click and get going. It’s necessary to remember that even though the server isn’t whitelisted, some of the jobs are, so if you’re interested in those, you need to add yourself to the allowlist.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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