Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Win the Bet With Rocket in Chapter 1

How can you earn more points than Rocket?

by Diego Perez


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is finally here, and the team gets up to mischief as early as the very first chapter of the game. Star-Lord and Rocket make a bet in Chapter 1 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to see who can destroy more alien nests hanging around the Quarantine Zone. Rocket even puts a scoreboard on your screen, which is admittedly pretty helpful. Beating Rocket not only earns you bragging rights but also a trophy/achievement. The bet lasts for most of the chapter, so you’ll have to be on guard the whole time. Here’s how to beat Rocket in the bet in Chapter 1 of Guardians of the Galaxy.

How to Win the Bet Against Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy

Winning the bet is simple: All you have to do is shoot more of the targets than Rocket does. You’re looking for white things that usually hang from the ceiling, so they should be fairly easy to spot amidst the bright pink gunk in the Quarantine Zone. It starts off as a low-scoring match, but things quickly ramp up.


At first, don’t worry too much about finding them before Rocket. As long as you explore off the beaten path in search of components, costumes, and collectibles, you’re bound to bump into a few of them before Rocket does. Later in the chapter though, you’ll have the opportunity to score dozens of points at once and get a huge lead on the pesky raccoon.

How to Score Points in the Guardians of the Galaxy Bet

A short while after the bet starts, you’ll stumble into a tall, circular room that has dozens of targets waiting to be shot. You’ll know you’re in the right spot because both Star-Lord and Rocket will comment on it. Rocket’s AI is slow, so you can easily shoot all of the targets in this room to rack up more points than you’ll ever need.


Rocket and Groot won’t move on without you, so take your time and make sure you completely clean out this room. Check above and below you, too. You should be able to earn 20 points or more just from this room alone. That doesn’t mean you’re entirely in the clear just yet, but as long as you have a decent lead, you’ll be fine.

After moving on from the circular room, Rocket will cheat and give himself five points after a combat encounter. This shouldn’t be enough to put him ahead of you, but it’s still not fair. After you get separated from Groot, you’ll stumble across a few more targets. Shoot them before Rocket to make up for those cheated points.


The last few targets can be found during a sliding section near the end of the chapter. Keep an eye on the ceiling when you’re sliding and dodging obstacles. There’s only one or two in this section though, so don’t rely on it to gain the lead. You should already be well ahead of the raccoon by this point.

After the sliding segment, you’ll find one final target. Shoot it and the bet will finally be over. If you managed to score more points than Rocket, you’ll earn the “Eat It, Rodent” trophy/achievement. That’s the only real reward for winning. After the bet, the chapter will nearly be over and you’ll almost be out of the tutorial section.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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