Gunfire Reborn Character Tier List

Find out the best characters to play as in Gunfire Reborn!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking for an exciting, fast-paced first-person shooter/RPG hybrid, you’ve found your next obsession in Gunfire Reborn. Featuring an adorable cast of characters, alongside a great list of weapons and items that you’ll be able to utilize, you’ll be crawling through dungeons and shooting up foes fast and better than ever once you find out who the best characters to use are.

But, what makes some of them better than others? Let’s take a look and see what makes these characters great, and not so great, as we go through the best characters to use in Gunfire Reborn!

Best Characters to Use in Gunfire Reborn

6. Lei Lou


While being one of the most powerful characters in the game, the smaller health pool that comes alongside Lei Luo makes him dangerous to use in Solo Play. If you’re playing with friends, this character would make their way up the list quite a bit, as their Chain Lightning can cause some absolutely killer damage, but in Solo Play, unless you are looking to push yourself to the limits, Lei Luo is one of the worst characters to use in the long run.

5. Ao Bai


A duel-wielding dog, while on paper sounds amazing, isn’t as great in the game. You’ll be able to live out your greatest 80’s action hero fantasy with him, especially with the sizeable health bar that he possesses, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a fairly boring character to play. You’ll find yourself wishing that he had a bit more flair to go alongside his unique visual style, but if you’re looking to tank your way through the game with a single character, his less-than-stellar arsenal may make that a harder choice.

4. Qian Sui


While he may not be teenage, nor mutant by any means, this hero in a half shell still can kick some butt. He’s one of the harder characters to unlock, but if you’re looking to find a character that you can go overboard with, Qian Sui is your man, er turtle. While his main form of attack is a punch, getting up close and personal with your opponents can also cause some massive damage, so if you’re looking to tank your way through the game with a specific character, it’s hard not to recommend Qian Sui. But, if you’re just starting, you may want to take him for a test ride or two before committing.

3. Crown Prince


If you’ve seen advertisements for Gunfire Reborn, you’ve easily seen the Crown Prince. The lead character of sorts, you’ll find that the’s the most balanced overall, and is a great teacher for the way that the game will play for you in the future. Seeing as the Crown Prince is basically split down the middle in every aspect of their stats, it seems fitting to place them smack dab in the middle of the best characters list. You can have a lot of fun playing as this ferocious feline, but you may find yourself wanting a bit of a harder edge in the future. Great for beginners, and maybe some intermediate play, but experienced players should look elsewhere.

2. Qing Yau


Speed, power, and agility are all on the side of Qing Yau, but you’ll need to be careful with the way that you play. You’ll find yourself destroying enemies with ease as you make your way around the battlefield, but you’ll find yourself getting destroyed just as easily, as Qing Yau has the smallest health pool of any character in the game. If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself in Solo Play, or want to bring a competitive edge to your team in Multiplayer, Qing Yau is your bird of choice. Plus, their Ascension Perks can help you add some defense, so you won’t need to fret about every bullet that comes your way.

1. Tao


Another character with a lower health pool, you’ll find that Tao has a few advantages over her comrades on the battlefield. With even more speed, an absolutely massive shield pool, and crazy DPS capabilities, you’ll find yourself enamored with this character quickly. You’ll want to work on your skills before you take her for a spin, as she can be one of the more unwieldy characters to use at first, but once you master her, there is nothing that can stop you on the field. Plus, a rabbit with a katana, it’s as rad as it sounds.

And there we have it, all of the characters in Gunfire Reborn, ranked for your pleasure! If you’re looking for an exciting mix of FPS/RPG/Roguelike action, you’re missing out if you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of this game yet, you need to jump in and experience this blend of high-flying action.

Gunfire Reborn is available now on PC, Android, and iOS. It will be available in October 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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