Hades – How to Fish Using the Rod of Fishing

Time to go fishing

by Abdul Saad

Hades is the latest roguelike title from developer Supergiant Games that’s frankly quite a fun experience to play through. When not slaying multiple enemies, players can relax and fish, a process that can surprisingly net them tons of unique rewards if they’re lucky.

How to use the Rod of Fishing

The first step is to get the Rod of Fishing. This can be done by getting a diamond, which you’ll use to purchase the Rod of Fishing from the House Contractor. If the House Contractor is yet to appear, you’ll need to head to the Temple of Styx, purchase the Tartarus Fountain Chamber, and get the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Once all that’s done, you can then move on to fishing.

The next step is finding a fishing spot. These are bright, glowing spots that usually spawn in the waters of the chamber. Once you’ve found one, interact with it to begin fishing. You’ll know you’ve got a fish on the line when the bobber goes beneath the water. After you’ve caught a few fishes, you can then trade them with the house chef in exchange for various rewards such as Nectar, Keys, and Jewels.

The Rod of Fishing is a surprisingly very useful item in Hades that can potentially earn you multiple rewards with little effort, so be sure to pick it up the first chance you get.

- This article was updated on August 8th, 2021