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Hades – Who to Give Nectar To

Receive Keepsakes in return for Nectar.

by Diego Perez


While most of the items in your inventory disappear when you die in Hades, Nectar stays with you even in death. Nectar can be gifted to any of the characters in the House of Hades, but choosing the recipient can be a tough decision given the rarity of the substance. Whoever you give Nectar to will give you a Keepsake in return, a powerful item that you can take with you on your escape attempts that grants you a passive bonus. These are the best choices for Nectar in Hades and the Keepsakes you’ll receive from them.

Who to Give Nectar to in Hades

Cerberus, Skelly, and Nyx are the best choices to give Nectar to early in the game. Their Keepsakes are incredibly useful early on and can help you get much further on your runs than before. Cerberus’ Keepsake is called the Old Spiked Collar and it gives you +25 to your starting health. Skelly’s Keepsake is the Lucky Tooth and it allows you to defy death and revive with 50 health when you die once per run. Nyx’s Keepsake is the Black Shawl and it increases the damage you do to undamaged enemies and the damage you do from behind. You won’t get a Keepsake every time you give someone Nectar, but there is a way to see how close you are to earning a Keepsake from any given character.


You can track your relationship with each character in Achilles’ Codex. A character will give you a Keepsake when you fill up the heart with a bow on it, which is usually the first heart for most characters. Nectar is a rarer resource than most, so choose your gift recipients wisely.

- This article was updated on:September 21st, 2020

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