Halls of Torment Character Tier List: Best Halls of Torment Characters Ranked

Ranking all characters in Halls of Torment.

by Christian Bognar
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Roguelikes have taken the world by storm, and Halls of Torment is another testament to that. With the choice of seven characters to choose from, players can pick one that best fits their playstyle in this fast-paced game. If you’re a newcomer, you may wonder who is the best character in the game. Read this guide to discover the definitive ranking of all characters in Halls of Torment.

All Halls of Torment Characters Ranked from Worst to Best

It’s time to start slaying some monsters with the best in the game! First, you’ll find a tier list and then we will discuss the best characters in Halls of Torment, ranked from worst to best.

SArcher, Sorceress
CCleric, Exterminator

7. Warlock

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The Warlock is a disappointing character that should be skipped for those looking for the best experience. This character focuses on summoning spirits that target enemies, which starts incredibly low in power. Players can improve these spirits through duration and attack speed as they make it through the levels, which makes them last longer and travel faster, but this will take some time. The biggest downfall is the lack of control the Warlock allows the player regarding the upgrades available to it.

6. Cleric

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The Cleric has some weaknesses that show more often than his counterparts, and it’s sad to think of how great this character could have been. The short-range attack distance, with a slow attack speed and sluggish movement, creates a character that can cause frustration. Still, the character’s slowness is made up by how hard he hits and the potential damage he can deal to enemies. On the other hand, this damage is distributed in a manner that is split between all enemies — meaning the more enemies hit equal each enemy receiving less damage.

5. Exterminator

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The Exterminator takes his flamethrower and unleashes a rapid-fire range attack that applies the burn effect for all those hit. The Burn effect deals damage over time, meaning passive damage is a massive bonus for this character. This is great in theory, but the base damage is pretty lacking, meaning you’ll be focusing on dodging a ton until the burn effect does most of the work. Still, as you progress further in the game and apply upgrades toward the range stat — it’s possible to make this character a standout name.

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4. Swordsman

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Being the first character you get in Halls of Torment, the Swordsman is surprisingly one of the most balanced and fair. Every character has a weakness in a particular stat, but the Swordsman is balanced across the board. This is great in hindsight, but it also means he isn’t the best in any specific field, either. With a short-range attack, the Swordsman deals good damage, good health, and good base defense. I recommend choosing the Swordsman character if you are a beginner looking for a well-balanced experience.

3. Shieldmaiden

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With a tank-like playstyle, Shieldmaiden is an impressive character in Halls of Torment. The Shieldmaiden’s tank nature revolves around a sizeable max health pool and high defense that can absorb significant damage for surviving extended periods. She strikes with a mace and a shield, each covering a wide range, that scale with the block stat and adds to the tank playstyle. Additionally, she can stun enemies for 0.2 seconds, allowing players to unleash more damage without pressure.

2. Sorceress

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The Sorcerer always seems to make it to the top 5 for any game that includes this class, and Halls of Torment is no different. Her primary attack is an electrifying lighting bolt that bounces off enemies, creating a ripple effect through crowds. Improving the Piercing stat will allow for an even larger ripple effect, hitting even more enemies with one execution of the lightning attack. Add on the fact that the Sorcerer’s attacks apply the Electrify effect, and you got yourself one of the best characters in the game.

1. Archer

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The Archer is the best character in Halls of Torment. The Archer’s primary attack is piercing arrows that rip through enemies and travel long distances to hit more foes in the back of the field. Don’t feel discouraged by the Archer’s low initial damage, as this is easily fixed by investing in attack speed and damage stats. Once you get the Archer’s stats looking right, this character becomes a wave of arrows that can rapidly bombard enemies that add up to high damage output.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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