Halo Infinite: How to Fix User is Banned Error

Are you seeing this error message for Halo Infinite?

by Gordon Bicker
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Halo Infinite has just had its multiplayer component launch earlier this month and eager fans around the world have flocked to experience the latest Halo installment by 343 Industries. The latest installment has a vast array of new features and also a Halo Infinite battle pass that players have been gaining XP towards earning all-new customization items for their spartan. Notably, players have been encountering errors for being ‘banned’ after most likely leaving matches early, this guide will take you through the process of how to fix the ‘user is banned’ error in Halo Infinite that players have been encountering. The game itself has a vast abundance of new gameplay to delve into and gives a grandeur reminder of the golden-age Halo games. It’s time to suit up and make your mark on the landscape once again.

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Halo Infinite User is Banned Error Explained

The error itself is most commonly correct in appearing. It is associated with the developer’s methods of implementing a system that makes players who have left matches early think about their actions before joining another match. However, there are times of course when it may be out of your control whether you can stay through an entire match or not and that is completely fine! The system is fair for this reason and more discussion will follow on that point.

Another reason you may be encountering the error while using all the weapons the game has to offer is that you might’ve actually done something against the terms of service in the game and thus have been banned from the online portion of the game. In this case, reaching out directly to the developers may help with that issue if you think there has been a mistake. On the other hand, however, the common reason for the error noted above can be fixed by simply waiting.

How to Fix the User is Banned Error in Halo Infinite

After reading through the reasons for the error, you will have most likely been able to work out what your particular issue is. If it was because you left a match early then the following information will help you in fixing the error in the game. Firstly, the game deploys a timeout system that will occur when you leave a match early and showcase the above error message. The specific timings vary on how often you have left a match early, these are as shown here:

  • First time you’ve left a match early — 5 minutes
  • Second time you’ve left a match early — 15 minutes
  • Third time you’ve left a match early — 30 minutes
  • Fourth time you’ve left a match early — one hour
  • Fifth time you’ve left a match early — three hours
  • Sixth time you’ve left a match early — sixteen hours

As can be seen, the timings drastically increased based on how frequently you leave a match early. In turn, ensuring to stay through matches will stop the error from occurring. Whether you are playing with full cross-play functionality or simply immersing yourself in the game, there is a lot to do in Halo Infinite.

Have you encountered this error in Halo Infinite this month?

Halo Infinite fully releases on December 8th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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