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Halo Reach – How to Change Weapons

Swap weapons anytime in Halo Reach on PC

by Kyle Hanson


With Halo Reach making the massive jump from Xbox consoles to PC players have a whole new platform to figure out and enjoy. Longtime PC players may be familiar with how shooters typically function on the system, but new players have been left wondering a lot about basic functions. This is especially true for some of the more quirky control decisions made by 343 Industries. To help, here’s how to change weapons in Halo Reach on PC.

How to Change Weapons

First up, if you’re playing on Xbox One or using an Xbox controller on the PC version of Halo Reach then it’s all standard. By default a simple press of the Y button will swap between the two weapons you are carrying at any one time. Keyboard and Mouse are the real head scratchers though, with most shooters using the mouse wheel to change weapons. For Halo Reach though, you only have the two, so a wheel doesn’t make a ton of sense. Instead you press the 1 button.

Hitting 1 on your keyboard will switch between your two weapons, letting you use either the assault rifle or pistol in most missions at the beginning of the game. You can always swap weapons out with what’s available on the ground though. To do this just walk up to it and hold E. This will drop your currently selected weapon and pick up the new one.

That’s how to change weapons in Halo Reach on PC, but keep in mind it’s all customizable. Head into the options and you can change any button you want, including the 1 that’s set to change weapons by default. Make it your own and you’ll be much happier, while leveraging the power of the PC platform. Let us know if there’s anything else about the latest release from this venerable franchise.

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