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Halo Reach – How to Play with Friends Online

Get into co-op or multiplayer

by Kyle Hanson


Halo Reach may have one of the best single player campaigns in the iconic franchise, or the shooter genre as a whole, it also has a fantastic multiplayer suite. Players might not remember it well, but Reach revolutionized a lot of the series’ gameplay elements. And while the franchise has been known for its robust online multiplayer since the release of Halo 2, Reach has a lot to love as well. But the new PC release might have you wondering how to play with friends online in Halo Reach.

How to Play with Friends Online

The options for this are somewhat hidden away, especially on the PC version. This may differ, depending on which platform you purchased the game on. Steam is more integrated with its online options, letting you use the Steam interface to invite players to your game. If you got the game through the Microsoft Store or via Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll instead be hooked to Xbox Live. Keep this in mind with the following tips, as they may differ a bit on Steam.

Players who want to play with friends need to select the My Game Session option in the top right of the screen. There you’ll see two options. You can set you session so your friends can see you, or make it invite only. Below that is where you actually send the invites to get people into your game session. Select Invite Friends and you’ll get connected to Xbox Live where you’ll see your friends listed there. Invite them and they’ll get prompted to join you. From there you just choose whatever you want to play.

You can select the campaign for co-op play, or head into Multiplayer for online versus action. Either way you go, that’s how to play with friends online in Halo Reach.

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