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Halo Reach PC – How to Melee

How to melee with keyboard and mouse or gamepad

by Kyle Hanson


After over a decade of waiting, Halo has finally returned to PC. The series, which began life on the original Xbox, has dabbled in the platform before but hasn’t had a full game released since Halo 2 on Windows Vista. While the full series will eventually arrive, currently you can play Halo Reach through the Master Chief Collection on either Steam or the Microsoft Store. But with the shift to a new platform comes new control changes. To help clear up some confusion, here’s how to melee in Halo Reach on PC.

How to Melee

Of course, being a PC game, Halo Reach allows you to alter the controls to fit your particular style or tastes. However, we’ll base the rest of this guide on the default settings, so if you haven’t changed anything you should be good to go. In terms of your melee, a simple tap of the Q button will do the job. That’s if you’re using the keyboard and mouse controls, of course though. For those who still prefer the tried-and-true gamepad, the melee button is B by default.

There’s a lot of options to choose from though. On Keyboard and Mouse you can make it anything you want. While gamepad players can choose from a selection of different control schemes. Each has its benefits and detriments, but if you’ve played Halo for a long time you should have a favorite already. When you set it within the options menu you should see what every button does on the right side of the screen. Choose wisely, but if you’re new to the series you may want to take this opportunity to use Keyboard and Mouse instead. It’s a huge step up from the traditional dual analog controls of the franchise.

And that’s how to melee in Halo Reach on PC.

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