Hardest Guitar Hero Songs of All Time, Ranked

Do you have what it takes to rock these stages?

by RJ Jacinto
Image: Activision

When Guitar Hero was released in 2005, it took the video gaming world by storm. It allowed players to fulfill their dreams of playing songs with their favorite musicians and being a rockstar. The vast array of songs that players can play added to the game’s charisma, including some of the most complex songs to play, even with a real guitar.  We’ve compiled and ranked the hardest songs in Guitar Hero if you want to try them out.

What are the hardest songs to play in Guitar Hero?

7. Megadeth – Sudden Death

Image: Megadeth

“Sudden Death” is considered the game’s soundtrack because it’s explicitly recorded to promote Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The song is the final song when playing the quest mode, and it’s befitting of one due to its fast alt-strumming and monstrous solos. Players who want to record a perfect score for this song should be wary of the middle part. It starts easy and then quickly transforms into one of the most complex patterns in the game. Play it to know. You’ve been warned.

6. Slayer – Raining Blood

Image: Slayer

“Raining Blood” is a Slayer classic. Before the release of the other songs on our list, “Raining Blood” was considered to be in the top three of the hardest songs to play, just behind “One” and “Through Fire and Flames.” This is mainly due to the two sections called Mosh and Flood. Mosh will start at right about the one-minute mark of the song. It’s just a barrage of quad notes that you have to pass. Flood, however, is the real test in this song. It’s right at the three-minute mark of the song. What makes this song very hard is that you need to learn the song inside and out because the number of notes in the Flood part can make you fail even with Star Power.

5. Metallica – One

Image: Metallica

Metallica is one of the best metal bands in the world, and their song based on the anti-war novel Johnny Got Guns is one of their hardest songs to play. This song is notorious for its very fast notes and a tricky section where one yellow note comes out of nowhere and it requires a full strum. Players who want to complete this song should be very careful when doing Solo B because if you miss a lot there, it’s nearly impossible to finish C and D after.

4. Dragonforce – Fury of the Storm

Image: Dragonforce

The first appearance of Dragonforce on our list. This song is special because you can only play it once you’ve finished the quest mode in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

This song is one of the only four songs in the game with a difficulty ranking of 10. “Fury of the Storm” is considered to be the hardest song in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock by many, and we can’t blame them. The hardest part of this song is that guitar solo part where you have to anchor one button while smashing through the others. It will also test your endurance because “Fury of the Storm” is one of the longest songs in the game.

3. Bucket Head – Jordan

Image: Buckethead

This version of this song is recorded explicitly for Guitar Hero II. This song is known for the “Sea of Skittles,” a nickname for the Solo B and C part of the song, where players are bombarded with notes that make the screen look like a sea of skittles. 

However, your main goal is to get through the sea of skittles and make it to the “Blue Note of Freedom.” This blue note connotes the end of the Sea of Skittles and is believed that once you’ve reached this note, you can easily complete the rest of the song.

2. Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Image: The Charlie Daniels Band

The title of this song fits the difficulty. It takes a Guitar Hero devil to play through this song because it contains some of the most devilish solos in the game. If you’re planning to play this song, you have to be very careful in the Victory Solos G, K, and R. Once you’ve cleared these parts, you also have to be very wary of Verse 4 because you’ll encounter some of the most insane strumming patterns in the game.

1. Dragonforce – Through the Fire and Flames

Image: Dragonforce

The final boss of the final bosses. Everybody who listens to rock knows how hard it is to play “Through Fire and Flames,” and it translates into the game. This is considered the most brutal song in the Guitar Hero franchise. You have to tap into your inner Herman Li to finish this song. You’re going through fire and flames to finish the intro part. No amount of words can give justice to how hard it is to play this song. You have to experience it yourself.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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