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Harry Potter Wizards Unite How Far is 5k

You're going to have to cover some ground.

by William Schwartz


In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, one of the tasks that you need to complete to unlock the Portkey Portmanteau is to walk a certain distance.  This can be different depending on the object you are looking to open, but one of the more common ones is 5k.  So how far is 5k exactly.  If you’re not used to measuring things in kilometers, you might not realize how far this is.

To open the 5k Portmanteau in Harry Potter Wizards Unite you will need to walk a little over 3 miles to do it.  More precisely you’ll need to walk 3.10 miles to complete the 5k walk.  There are other Portkey Portmanteau that require a little more or less walking, such as the 2k and 10k variety.  These Portmanteau’s will require that you walk 1.24 and 6.20 miles respectively to open them.

After you’ve traveled the required distance the Portkey Portmanteau will then show what’s inside.  Opening this will open a waypoint that transports you to a different place.  Once there you will see a AR Room or area that you can explore and you’ll normally be tasked with finding items that will earn you unique Foundables that cannot be discovered outside of the portal areas.

It’s worth noting, that in our testing, the Wizards Unite app did occasionally not count the distances we traveled.

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