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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite How to get Spell Energy

To cast spells, you need more spell energy

by Kyle Hanson


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is similar to its predecessor Pokemon GO in a lot of ways. One of these is in limiting the amount of interactions you can have with the game, but allowing you to gain more through in-game means. This is done with Spell Energy, which you expend whenever you attack and capture a Foundable. You’ll need a lot of this stuff, but it can sometimes be in short supply. To help, here’s how to get Spell Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The answer is similar to how to get Poke Balls in Pokemon GO. You need to head to the equivalent of a Poke Stop. In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that is an Inn or Greenhouse, but especially the first one. Greenhouses will sometimes offer you extra Spell Energy but it is much rarer. So try to find an Inn instead. Head there, tap the icon on the map, then perform the spell that is shown on the screen. Choose one of the food dishes in front of you to redeem your reward.

This is a totally random reward, so don’t put too much thought into which you go with. You can get between two and ten Spell Energy from each Inn stop, so hit them as much as possible. If you don’t have an Inn nearby then Greenhouses are your only bet. However, they won’t give you very much so only use them as a last resort.

And of course, if you don’t have either nearby, you can just buy more Spell Energy for real-world money. This is done in the Diagon Alley store. To get there just tap the suitcase on the bottom of the screen, then the cart icon in the top right of this new screen. Here you can find a few items, including Spell Energy, but you’ll have to pay real money for it.

And that’s all there is to know about how to get Spell Energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Let us know in the comments if anything is confusing you about this brand new game.

- This article was updated on:June 20th, 2019

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