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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Core

Shot through the core.

by Alex Levine


The quest to fix Tyreals Core is not nearly as bad as the Wings, but harder than the Head. This one is about surviving, statistical eliminations, and healing. Sound a bit far fetched but trust us, it all means something. Here’s how to repair Tyreals Core.

1. Repair Core: Win a game with less than four deaths. 

While this looks like an easy one, it’s actually very easy to die multiple times in a Heroes of the Storm match if you aren’t paying attention or don’t know what you’re doing. This includes running into a whole enemy team by yourself, also known as throwing, and forgetting which talents to take at the respective levels. Always check the composition of your team before deciding on which abilities you want to focus on, and which ones will merely support the other. Just win a game while managing to only die 3 times or less and you’ll finish this one in no time.

2. Upgrade Core: Achieve 6 Multi Kills in Winning Games.

Getting this one can either be very simple, or very difficult, as it greatly depends on your teams composition. A multi kill is when you get two kills in a quick succession which can be chained by more kills in the same timeframe. This means you can complete this quest in one instance if your lucky or very skilled. If you’re not in a position to get any kills, then this could take a long time. Oh and don’t forget, you have to win the matches.

3. Mission: Primary Control Core: Collect 75 Regen Globes. 

Regen Globes are those heart containers that are dropped from enemies, and camps. Just pick up 75 of them in any matches. You don’t even have to win them, which doesn’t really add any tension to this last part for the Core, but a welcome nonetheless as it is also the easiest quest out there.

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