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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Left Arm

Non-dominant side, but still effective.

by Alex Levine


Whereas the Right Arm is the meat and muscle of the build, Tyreals Left Arm Quest consists of creating high damage with lots of Assassins type heroes. This allows a wide variety of heroes to choose from, and it can suit anyone’s specific play style. Here’s how to repair Tyreals Left Arm.

1. Repair Left Arm: Win two games as any Assassin Hero. 

Assassins are what make up the majority of the roster in Heroes of the Storm. Recently, Blizzard has split them into two groups, Melee and Ranged. Here you’ll find the most diverse and unique list of heroes as each of them bring something to the table. Most players in the meta tend to go towards the Ranged Assassins as they do a crap ton of spell damage from afar, but the Melee Assassins are the ultimate bringers of physical pain.

It can be a bit overwhelming if you can’t decided from this giant list, so if you’re following the current meta the top melee assassins are Genji and Maiev, and Ranged is Fenix and Orphea. Keep in mind that some of these heroes are the hardest to learn in the game, so it’s a great idea to try them out in a Practice Match or the Try Lane. Once you pick, just win two games and you’ve done it.

2.Upgrade Left Arm: Receive a Dominator, Scrapper, Escape Artist, or MVP Award.

We’re seeing a bit of a pattern aren’t we? You’ll need to get either one of these post match awards to move on. The Dominator is given to the hero who takes the most heroes down in one life. Scrapper is the hero who deals the most damage in team fights, and Escape Artist is the one who was able to survive with the lowest possible health. MVP is the hero who does the best overall in the match, regardless of winning or losing.

3. Mission: Dynamic Strike Module: Deal 200,000 Hero Damage in Winning Games.

And then we come to the most difficult part of the quest. Getting to 200,000 Hero damage is already a tall order, but on top of that, you must win every match that you accumulate those numbers in. That means if you lose the match, all of those Hero Damage numbers you got just went out the window. Hero Damage will only apply if you inflict any of your attacks on opposing heroes, and Hero’s only. Minions, camps, and Bosses won’t add to the total value, so keep that in mind when trying to finish off this quest. Once this is done, the Left Arm is fully repaired.

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