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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Right Arm

The most dominant, usually.

by Alex Levine


We’re halfway there with Tyreals repairs, and the Right Arm is up next. The quests for this one will require players to get up close and personal with their enemies, as it involves the use of Bruisers and Tanks for the majority of it. Better get your Warrior skills ready, because it’s all about the brawling this time! Here’s how to repair Tyreals Right Arm.

1.Repair Right Arm: Win two games as a Bruiser or Tank Hero. 

You need to play as either a Bruiser or Tank. Bruisers are lane pushers with somewhat decent damage that can make a huge difference in the match. Tanks are meant to stick with the majority of the team and soak all of the hits while the damage dealers attack around them. Their are quite a few popular Tanks in the meta right now, with the reigning kings being Diablo and Garrosh. Bruisers in general aren’t terribly high on the meta, but Yrel is the undisputed champion as she can not only soak lanes, but do a decent amount of damage as well. As always, you can go with whatever you wish for this one, but just be aware of the abilities and talents before entering a fight.

2.Upgrade Right Arm: Receive a Bulwark, Guardian, Daredevil, or MVP Award.

More of these again, this time pertaining to the Bruiser and Tank class. The Bulwark is awarded to the Tank or Bruiser who has taken the most damage in the match, while the Guardian is the hero with the most amount of damage soaked in team fights. Daredevil is the hero who escapes the most amount of times with low amount of health, and MVP is the hero who does the best overall in the match. Get any of these to finish this part.

3. Mission: Battlefield Combat Processor: Win 4 Games. 

Sounds easy, but their are times when players find themselves in a rut and are unable to win any matches. Still, thanks to the long time of the event, this shouldn’t be very hard to achieve, and once you do the Right Arm is all fixed.

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