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Heroes of the Storm MechaStorm II How to Repair Tyreals Right Leg

A one legged robot usually doesn't go over well.

by Alex Levine


The quests for the Right Leg of Tyreal deals with more statistical numbers than hero selections. However, depending on the different type, certain heroes will be come necessary choices in order to complete the requirements. Don’t worry though, we’re nearly at the end of this impossible trek. Here’s how to repair Tyreals Right Leg.

1.Repair Right Leg: Deal 50,000 Spell Damage in Winning Games.

Spell damage is done by utilizing heroes special abilities in matches, as most of them will produce this type of attack when you execute it. However, some heroes will only do Physical damage, so picking the right hero for this quest is key. Ranged Assassins almost always specialize in Spell damage, so picking any of them should set you on the right track. Jaina and Kael’thas are two particularly great choices for this one, as they can just pick off opponents from far away and rack up the points. Oh yeah, and don’t lose the matches either.

2. Upgrade Right Leg: Capture 8 Mercenary Camps in Winning Games.

This one is easy compared to the last one. On each map in Heroes of the Storm you’ll notice that their are some enemies that won’t attack you unless you provoke them. These are Mercenary Camps, and they’ll either be a great benefit to your team, or a major hindrance on the battlefield. However, some heroes have talents that make this a very speedy process. Murky for instance can pick this talent at level 1, and once he has enough stacks he can outright buy the camp and take it for your team. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to Boss or Elite Camps, as they usually require the whole team to take them. Get 8 of them in winning matches to complete this.

3. Mission: Lightweight Mobility Catalyst: Kill 300 enemy Minions in Winning Games.

Arguably even easier is the 300 minion kill quest. Minions are those little soldiers that run around the map trying to push lanes for, and against your team. Just take down 300 of them and win the matches to finish off this quest.

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