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Hitman 2 How to Load Your Saved Games

Don't restart your game, reload it.

by William Schwartz


Sometimes things go bad in Hitman 2.  Your perfectly planned assassinations hit a snag and things need to be reset.  By saving your game regularly and at key points in a mission you can load back into it at any time by using the load game feature.

You can load your auto-saves and manual saves from the load game screen.  To load your game in Hitman 2 you’re going to want to go to the Pause menu by pressing the Options/  button.  From there you can scroll down to Load Game and then select from any of the auto-saves or manual saves that you have made.

Saving and loading your game in Hitman 2 can definitely be helpful in completing the many different challenges and mission stories in the game as it’s impossible to get everything done in one playthrough as certain assassination opportunities will disappear once you’ve gotten to certain stages of a mission.

Essentially, the way Hitman 2 is designed is to allow for Save Scumming so that if anything goes wrong in a mission and you don’t get your desired outcome the penalty is not very severe so long as you are saving often.

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