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Hitman 2 How to Throw Coins

Get people to move out of your way.

by William Schwartz


Throwing coins is one of the best ways to manipulate characters to go where you want them to.  Coins can be found in all of the levels of Hitman 2, but you can also equip them in your inventory during the planning phase of a mission.

Assuming that you have coins in your inventory you can select them by pressing left or right on the d-pad and then X/A when you have the item highlighted.  Once you have the coin equipped you can then aim your throw with the right thumbstick.  You will see an arc of where the coin is going to land.

Throwing coins will work on almost any character in the game as they will go to pick up the coin and move from where they are standing. You’ll know that they are investigating the coin throw as a question mark will appear over their head.  The coin trick can be used to move a character that is guarding an area so you can sneak by.  It can also be used to lure characters to a secluded spot to knock them out and take their outfit.

If a character picks up your coins, you can get them back by knocking them out or killing them.  Just look on the ground next to them once they’ve been incapacitated and you’ll find your coins.

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