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Hitman 2 How to Use Steady Aim

It'll make you more accurate.

by William Schwartz


There are some weapons in the game that will give you a steady aim.  Unlike the Marksman perk for weapons, this does not slow down time.  Instead, the Steady Aim feature allows you to get a tighter reticule for a more accurate shot.

For weapons that have the Steady Aim feature, Agent 47 can use this feature on every shot. Not all weapons have the Steady Aim feature, but to use it, you’re going to slightly squeeze the RT/R2 button before firing a shot.  You’ll know Steady Aim is working by two things.  The first is a slight vibration of the controller.  The second is that you’ll visibly see the crosshairs on the screen get even tighter.

Once you’ve got your shot lined up you will press the RT/R2 button again to take the shot.

Like the Marksman feature, the Steady Aim feature does have a limited amount of time.  When time runs out, the aiming reticle will go back to normal size.  It does take a little getting used to in using the Steady Aim feature because you can’t just peel off shots rapidly.  Steady Aim should be used when you have a clear line at the target and need to hit it on the first try.

Pulling down the RT/R2 button too quickly will result in a normal shot when you have a Steady Aim gun so just remember to squeeze lightly, about half way.

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