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Hitman 2 How to Switch Weapons & Items

Quick access to your inventory.

by William Schwartz


Depending on what items you choose to bring with you on a mission, you’re going to have a wide arsenal of items to use.  To switch between weapons and items in Hitman 2 you’re going to want to use the d-pad.

Pressing left or right on the d-pad will cycle through your weapons and items.  When you land on the one you want to equip, press the X/A button to equip it.  All of your items are accessible through this item wheel with a couple of exceptions.

Items that you are carrying in a briefcase must be removed from the briefcase before being able to access them in the item wheel.  To get items out of your briefcase you must drop it to the ground by pressing down on the d-pad and then by pressing Triangle/Y button to remove it.

Any item that you are physically carrying can be stored in this item wheel by pressing up on the d-pad.  (Except for the briefcase itself).  To remove it from your hands you have to physically drop it, throw it, or set it down.

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