Hogwarts Legacy: How to Catch a Thestral (Male vs. Female), Explained

This is how you can tell the difference.

by Christian Bognar
Hogwarts Legacy Thestrals

Hogwarts Legacy has many beasts spread throughout the Wizarding World, each with their own purpose. Players can use some beasts to upgrade their gear, others to be sold for Galleon, and some to complete side quests given by the various characters in the game. One of the characters who love to send you beast hunting is your friend Deek in the Room of Requirement. Foal of the Dead is one of the sides quests he offers you, and your objective is to catch a male and female Thestral. This can be confusing, considering the game doesn’t clarify the difference between male and female beasts, so we are here to help.

How to Catch Both a Male and Female Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy

Knowing whether a beast is male or female will help you in the Foal of the Dead quest and future quests, so it is good information to know. You can tell whether a beast is male or female by looking at the gender symbol next to the beast’s name at the top of your screen. If you aren’t familiar with gender symbols, for a male, it will show a symbol with an arrow pointing upwards, and for a female, there will be a plus sign under the circle.

Where to Catch a Male and Female Thestral


The Thestral Den is located in the North Ford Bog region. Deek will want you to catch one of each, and you can tell whether you have completed this by the tasks disappearing from the side of the screen. If you are having trouble catching the Thestrals, it is recommended that you approach them with your Disillusionment spell and freeze them with Glacius while you use your Nab Sack utility spell to catch them. The game will ask you to hit five buttons to successfully capture both the male and female Thestral and bring them back to Deek to move on to the next point in the quest.

Now that you know how to differentiate between beasts’ gender in Hogwarts Legacy, you can go hunting and catch both male and female of every beast for your Vivarium. You’ll need to unlock all Vivariums to hold them all.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 13th, 2023