Homescapes Cheats and Cheat Codes

Get unlimited stars and coins!

by Christian Bognar



The famous mobile game Homescapes has been rising in popularity with cheat codes that allows players to get unlimited coins. Users can only use this cheat code by downloading the Homescape++ app on your Android or iOS device, and in this article, we will explain how you can successfully get this installed and how to use it properly.

How to Access Homescapes Cheat Codes?

The two most helpful cheats in Homescapes are increasing the coins and stars you have in your inventory. The good news is that users can access these cheats simultaneously while using the same app. Follow these steps correctly and ensure you follow the proper settings outline that matches your phone type.


First things first, you need to prepare your device for installation. If you are doing this cheat on an Android device and you have a battery saver turned on, you will want to turn this feature off.

For iOS users, head over to your general settings tab. In the general option, click on background app refresh and ensure it is either on the “wifi and mobile data” option or turned off altogether.

Installing Cheat Code

Once you have taken care of your settings, head to your browser and search for a website called “Tweak Elite.” This website is filled with game cheats, but for this particular guide, you will want to type in Homescapes in the search bar. Homescapes ++ will pop up, and you’ll have the option to download it.

Once the download is complete, you will be asked to verify the model of your cellular device. This doesn’t take long and can be done by clicking on three of the available options below the message and following the instructions.

Once everything is complete, the last step is to restart your device. Once powered on again, you will have the official Homescapes++ on your home screen and fully operational.

Activating Cheats

Head over to your Homescapes++ app. A screen will appear where you can enter however many coins or stars you want to receive in the game. Hit the send button at the bottom and head over to the original app for Homescapes to load up your game. On the screen, you will start to see your Coin Bank and Star Bank begin to increase drastically, meaning you completed the cheat.

Homescapes is available on iOS and Android devices.

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