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by Diego Perez
Honkai Star Rail Aurum Alley's Hustle and Bustle Debates
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The Back in Business questline is the main story of the Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle event in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.3. While you’ll spend most of your time in this event working on Logistics Planning and stacking goods onto starskiff freighters, you’ll also need to channel your inner Phoenix Wright and present evidence during heated debates in order to save Aurum Alley from the IPC.

Even though Honkai Star Rail gives you a brief summary of every piece of evidence, it can still be a bit tricky to figure out when exactly you should present it. This guide will walk you through all four Aurum Alley debates in Honkai Star Rail’s Back in Business quest.

A-Feng Debate Answers

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A-Feng is your first debate opponent for the Back in Business quest in Honkai Star Rail. When he says “I’m a dock worker, after all. How could I conspire with the IPC?” present the Payment Record for Exhibits. That’ll win the debate in your favor.

Skott Debate Answers

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Next, you’ll debate Skott in front of a crowd. When he says “Coupled with the Merchant Guild’s inability to pay the rent, we believe the Guild should voluntarily relinquish operating rights to the dock and pay additional compensation,” present the Rent for Aurum Alley Dock as evidence.

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The debate doesn’t end there, though. When he says “Besides, I’m not even involved in shipping operations – how could I possibly buy off a dock worker? The absurdity!” show him the Dock Worker’s Testimony as evidence. That’s all you need to do to win this debate.

Aurumaton President Debate Answers

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The third part of Back in Business has you debating the Aurumaton President. When he says “The reality is — overdevelopment can only adversely impact customer experience, making the Alley less appealing,” present the Artistry Hardware Sales Analysis as evidence.

For the next part, he’ll mention that “The old Aurum Alley achieved a commercial miracle that has not yet been replicated. It did so by following my way of doing things.” Show him the Aurum Alley Historical Trading Volume as evidence to refute his point and win the debate.

Xiaohan Debate Answers

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Finally, you’ll need to debate Xiaohan to secure the future of Aurum Alley. When he says “And that, honorable ladies and gentlemen, is the rejuvenation everyone has been hoping for,” use the Aurum Alley Business Opinion Poll as evidence.

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Next, he’ll say “‘Best night market on the Luofu”? With the IPC’s funding pouring in, hundreds of commercial centers will sprout. Why would people come to Aurum Alley when they have so many other options? Nobody cares about that title anymore.” Shut him down with the Spices Supreme Crossover Event as evidence.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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