Honkai Star Rail Logistics Planning Guide | High Scores for Low, Medium, and High Levels

Get some free Stellar Jades for planning the most efficient routes.

by Diego Perez
Honkai Star Rail Aurum Alley's Hustle and Bustle IPC Event
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Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle is Honkai Star Rail’s latest limited-time event, tasking Trailblazers with reviving the merchant district of the Xianzhou Luofu and organizing the most efficient trade routes to maximize profits. It’s a nice change of pace from the recent slate of combat-centric Honkai Star Rail events, but some players are stuck scratching their heads trying to get the highest scores in Logistics Planning so they can snag some free Stellar Jades and other rewards. This guide will show you how to complete all of the Logistics Planning objectives so you can get all of the event’s rewards.

How to Reach 90 Score in Honkai Star Rail Logistics Planning

Getting a 90 score in each Logistics Planning level not only requires some sharp thinking but also some behind-the-scenes footwork. It’s impossible to get a high score at all in any of the Logistics Planning puzzles without first completing the Streetside Events that pop up throughout Aurum Alley. Keep this in mind before attempting to earn a 90 score for any of the Logistics Planning levels.

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Low-Level Logistics Planning

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First up is Low-Level Logistics Planning, which has three easy routes with plenty of bonuses for each one. Before you can get a 90 score and earn some Stellar Jades, you have to complete three Streetside Events that become available after progressing through the main event questline “Back in Business.” Once you’ve completed those Streetside Events and repaired the Cycranes, several bonuses will appear along each route.

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To get a score of 90 for Low-Level Logistics Planning, take the purple route and pass through all three nearby bonuses before circling back up through the lone arrow bonus on the way to the top-left dock.

Then, take the yellow route down two spaces before looping back up through the arrow bonus above the building. Next, take the yellow route upward and hit all three bonuses by the docks before completing it in the middle one.

Finally, take the green route all the way to the right and snake it through the group of six arrow bonuses on the eastern edge of the map. To close it out, just bring it to the dock on the right. Remember, those arrow bonuses near the docks should be saved for the yellow route.

Mid-Level Logistics Planning

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To get a score of 90 to obtain the maximum reward for Mid-Level Logistics Planning, complete all of the Streetside Events unlocked from the Back in Business event quest. Once you do so, you’ll have plenty of buffed tiles for your routes.

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To start, use the green route on the left to snake around the nearby building and snag all 5 of the buffed arrow tiles. Then, just head upward and end at the left dock.

Then, take the purple route and snake around the building above it, snagging the 7 buffed arrow tiles in the corner along the way. Complete the route by continuing upward and ending at the middle dock.

Lastly, use the yellow route to pick up any remaining buffed arrow tiles. Start with the one directly to the left of the store and then make a straight line through the four below it. To finish, circle around the right side of the building and collect the remaining buffs before ending at the right dock.

High-Level Logistics Planning

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Again, you’ll need to wrap up all of the Streetside Events and fix all of the Cycranes in order to get the highest possible score for High-Level Logistics Planning. It’s actually quite an easy solution to get a score of 90 with everything unlocked, though.

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To begin, take the yellow route and proceed straight upward. Ignore all of the buffs and end at the left dock.

The purple route will net most of your points here. Head left and then snake through all 9 of the arrow tiles underneath the yellow route starting point. Then, continue upward through the three arrows next to the yellow route and continue all the way to the center dock to finish.

For the green route, just snake around the building to the right. There aren’t any buffs left to grab, so just finish the route at the right dock.

At this point, you’ve got a score of at least 90 on all three levels of Logistics Planning. Congratulations! You only need 75 points per level to get the Stellar Jade rewards, but maximizing your score on each level is key to getting more rewards.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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