Honkai Star Rail Reserved Trailblaze Power Explained

Stock up on Trailblaze Power with this new update.

by Diego Perez
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Honkai Star Rail has received a highly-requested quality-of-life feature that players have been begging for since its release. Not only has the Trailblaze Power cap been increased from 180 to 240, but there’s now a Reserved Trailblaze Power system that allows your energy to be stored for a later date. Taking a break from Honkai Star Rail (maybe to wait for upcoming banner characters like Huohuo or Guinaifen) is no longer punished since your Reserved Trailblaze Power will ensure you’ll have plenty of resources at your disposal when you return.

Reserved Trailblaze Power vs. Normal Trailblaze Power Explained

Following the Version 1.3 update for Honkai Star Rail (which adds both Dan Heng’s Imbibitor Lunae form and Fu Xuan to the game), there are now two different types of Trailblaze Power that you can earn in Honkai Star Rail. The normal Trailblaze Power now has a cap of 240 — up from 180 — and that system still works as it always has. You’ll reach your Trailblaze Power cap in a day’s time just like usual, but now there’s a new system in place to prevent waste.

Image: Hoyoverse

Once you reach the Trailblaze Power cap of 240, you will start to accumulate Reserved Trailblaze Power. One Reserved Trailblaze Power will be added to your account every 18 minutes with a maximum of 2400. At that rate, you’ll earn 80 Reserved Trailblaze Power every day. You can pull from your Reserved Trailblaze Power pool to play more Honkai Star Rail and grind Calyxes, Caverns of Corrosion, and other activities once your daily Trailblaze Power allowance is used up.

How to Earn Reserved Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail

Reserved Trailblaze Power will automatically begin to accumulate once your normal Trailblaze Power reaches the cap of 240. It has a much slower rate of accumulation, however, taking 18 minutes to generate one point. That’s three times as long as normal Trailblaze Power, which gains a point every 6 minutes.

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It’ll take a month of inactivity to reach the cap of 2400 for Reserved Trailblaze Power, so it’s not really meant for active players who grind the game daily. However, you won’t have to scramble to find your phone or log onto your computer once you receive the notification that your Trailblaze Power has been completely refreshed since you won’t be wasting any potential Trailblaze Power by not playing. Everything will just start to overflow to your Reserved Trailblaze Power pool.

Whether you’re a returning Honkai Star Rail player or you’re taking an extended break from the game, the Reserved Trailblaze Power system is a huge win. If you step away from the game for a month and come back to a full 2400 Reserved Trailblaze Power, you have 10 days’ worth of Honkai Star Rail energy at your disposal. That’s plenty of power to help you grind those perfect Relics for characters like Kafka or Blade.

- This article was updated on August 30th, 2023

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