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Hood: Outlaws and Legends – How to Get New Weapons and Armor

Here's how to unlock brand new equipment


Hood: Outlaws and Legends is finally out for those that pre-ordered and bought the game digitally, and as any other action game out there, finding new weapons and armor will be one of your number one thoughts the moment you begin completing some heists. After a successful raid, you come back with a good amount of gold, in case the enemy team let you do so of course, and you are wondering where and how to use that money to upgrade your gear. If all these seem like something you are indeed thinking of, take a look below to see how to get yourself some new weapons and armor/ clothing.

How to get new weapons and armor in Hood: Outlaws and Legends

After you complete any heist in the game, you receive the gold you managed to win over the enemy team, and experience points to your player account and the used character respectively. In regards to the character, the more you level him or her up, the more options you unlock in terms of equipment and Perks. New weapons and armor don’t drop from enemies or successful missions, but rather they are unlocked the more you progress with a specific class.

For example, if you level up Robin up to level 6, certain gear will unlock for you to grab, for that character specifically. Back to your lair, if you go to the kiosk on the far end of it and interact accordingly, you will be able to see every weapon that a character can unlock. By taking a look on the left side of the screen while you are scrolling down the weapons list, you will be able to check the requirements for each weapon. Leveling up the character to a certain point, or finishing some very specific requirements found there, unlock more and more weapons. That said, every weapon is essentially the same in terms of statistics, but the appearance do change with harder to get weapons being on the fancier side.

Armor and clothing is also unlocked the same way as weapons. Level up the specific character or complete some special request tasks, and you will be able to change your character’s appearance with new fashion. Unfortunately, this may feel a little underwhelming to someone who would prefer looting the gear or tying it up to stat changes, but to keep it as balanced as possible, the team decided to not go this route.

Lastly, after you unlock any kind of equipment, to actually get it you need gold you earn from heists. Simply put, gather gold from treasure chests you manage to extract, unlock the gear you want through any requirements needed and use that money to finally get it for your character. You will be replaying heists in Hood: Outlaws and Legends a lot, as this is the nature of the game, so rest assured you are going to gather more than enough gold than you actually need to get everything you want.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at the rest of our guides right here.


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