Horizon Forbidden West: Every Door Code in the Game

Unlock every locked door with these codes.

by Diego Perez


Horizon Forbidden West contains many locked doors that require codes to unlock. These doors aren’t especially common, but you will encounter quite a few of them if you’re exploring old-world Relic Ruins scattered throughout the Forbidden West. Many of these require you to solve small puzzles in order to obtain the door codes, but if you already know the code ahead of time, you can just ignore the puzzle and open the door without any issues. Here are all the door codes that you’ll need throughout your journey in Horizon Forbidden West.

All Horizon Forbidden West Door Codes

There are 12 door codes in Horizon Forbidden West, and each of them is listed below.

  • Death’s Door (Main Quest) –  7482
  • Cradle of Echoes (Main Quest) – 237
  • Forbidden Legacy #1 (Side Quest) – 1020243
  • Forbidden Legacy #2 (Side Quest) – 4020625
  • Nights of Lights (Side Quest)/Relic Ruins: Hidden Ember – 739135
  • Relic Ruins: The Daunt – 1705
  • Relic Ruins: No Man’s Land – 2204
  • Relic Ruins: Restless Weald – 1923
  • Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires (7th Floor) –  2109
  • Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires (9th Floor) – 109
  • Relic Ruins: Isle of Spires (6th Floor) – 2109109
  • The Base – 9626118

If you’d rather do things the old-fashioned way and find the door codes yourself, then they can usually be obtained from data logs near the locked doors. All you have to do is scan them with your Focus and then read them in the menu. You’ll usually have to skim through a bunch of fluff in order to find the code, but the digits should be easy enough to spot.

That’s all you need to know about door codes in Horizon Forbidden West. If you’re still on the fence about checking out Aloy’s second adventure, then check out our Horizon Forbidden West review. We praised just about every aspect of the game, saying “Horizon Forbidden West is a bigger, better game than the original in nearly every way. With tons of engaging side content, a wide array of beautiful biomes to explore, and multiple threatening new machines to take on, there’s a lot to see and do in the Forbidden West.”

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PS4 and PS5.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2022

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