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Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Start The Frozen Wilds DLC


The Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn is seamlessly integrated into the main game, adding a new area to the map.  If you are using an existing Horizon Zero Dawn save file, you’ll need to find quest givers within the game to access the new content.

These quest givers will have blue markers over their heads when the game has been updated to version 1.40 and with The Frozen Wilds DLC installed.  These quest givers that will allow you to start the Frozen Wilds DLC can be found at the following locations:

  • Outside of Meridian you can find Rhavid, a Carja Noble with information that will lead you to the Banuk borderlands.
  • Inside the Carja border fort, speak with Ohtur for directions to the Cut.
  • North of the Grave Hoard aloy can meet Yariki a woman that is on her way out of the Cut with warnings about the dangers of the new area.

Upon speaking to one of these quest givers you’ll be given a new quest called “Into the Frozen Wilds.”  This will then show the location of The Frozen Wilds area.  The content is geared towards players that are at least a level 30, and to access these portions of the game you will have to at least completed the main story up to the “A Seeker at the Gates” main story mission.

You’ll know that you’ve entered The Frozen Wilds content as you enter into the area a logo will appear that welcomes you to the DLC content.  You’ll then meet the Banuk tribe in the snow-covered mountains in the Cut.

For players that are playing on any difficulty level other than “Story” you’ll most certainly need to be appropriately leveled to tackle the quests of this new content.  The Frozen Wilds features a number of new, more powerful machines and you’ll need to have both an appropriately leveled character and equipment.

- This article was updated on:July 31st, 2020

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