How Big is the Hogwarts Legacy Map?

Your mileage may vary.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When you start to venture outside of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, the world is very green, vast, and full of things to do. How much of the area can you explore before reaching the boundaries? How big is the map in Hogwarts Legacy? We can get into this here.

How Big is the Hogwarts Legacy Map?

To put it into perspective, the map of this game is so large that zooming out to the furthest possible option isn’t enough to see the entirety of all regions in one screenshot. While it might be extremely overwhelming to see how far you can go, you can easily keep track and not get lost.

The world showcases how much you have completed in terms of collectibles and activities there. These categories include the following:

  • Collection Chests
  • Field Guide Pages
  • Merlin Trials
  • Ancient Magic Hotspots
  • Balloons
  • Demiguise Statues
  • Astronomy Tables
  • Landing Platforms
  • Infamous Foes

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As you zoom into one of the many areas of the game, you will get specific stats on how much you have completed or collected. It’s a good way to determine how much you have cleared. If you need a list of all the areas in the game, they are as follows:

  • North Ford Bog
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Hogsmeade Valley
  • North Hogwarts Region
  • South Hogwarts Region
  • Hogwarts Valley
  • Feldcroft Region
  • South Sea Bog
  • Coastal Cavern
  • Poidsear Coast
  • Marunweem Lake
  • Cragcroftshire
  • Manor Cape
  • Clagmar Coast
  • Hogwarts
  • Hogsmeade
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

These individual areas can be used as a checklist to see how much you have cleared so you can move on to the next one. It’s also a smart idea to hit all or as many Floo Flame areas as possible so you can fast-travel there for future quests.

Finally, to put the map’s size into perspective, it took me 3 and a half minutes via broom to get from the northernmost part of the North Ford Bog all the way down to the Coastal Cavern region. Not counting the Poidsear Coast down to Clagmar, that’s probably another minute and a half to 2 minutes.

The explorable areas in Hogwarts Legacy are vast, so it’ll take you even longer if you travel on foot or by Graphorn. There are so many pitstops to take along the way like the Merlin Trials, so you don’t want to miss those either!

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023