How to Get Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy

Grapple with the Graphorn.

by Noah Nelson

After you’ve unlocked your broom and your beast mount in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll see that you have one type of mount left and it has a Graphorn icon. As a matter of fact, you can get a Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy. The question is, when and how?

How to Get Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy

The Graphorn is a majestic and fearsome beast familiar to those who have seen Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. While it is accessible in Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get it?

The Graphorn is accessible around 18 hours into the game. After the fourth Keeper has been revealed to you, you’ll be given a new trial quest. This final trial requires you to get a Graphorn.

In other words, you’ll get a Graphorn by following the main story. There is no way to miss it, you just need to be patient and make progress through the main quests (even if the side quests and puzzles are so addictingly fun).

Should You Kneel or Attack the Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you finally encounter the Graphorn, it won’t be pretty. The fight is pretty difficult and long, so be sure to use potions and cast your best spells. There will be a specific moment in the fight when a cutscene will appear and give you a choice between attacking or kneeling.

Whether you decide to attack or kneel doesn’t matter because you’ll end up taming the Graphorn and permanently unlocking it no matter your decision. Unlike selecting your house, the decision to attack or kneel to the Graphorn is purely flavor for your character and your story.

Attacking the Graphorn feels very Dark Arts, so I hope you’ve unlocked Avada Kedavra by now if you chose that option. Now that you have a Graphorn, you can summon it whenever you want just like you would your broomstick or beast mount. With the Graphorn unlocked, you’ll be guided deeper into the main quest.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will be available on April 4, 2023, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on July 25, 2023, on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023