Hogwarts Legacy Gladwin Moon Locations: The Man Behind the Moons Quest Guide

Improve your lock-picking skills!

by Christian Bognar
Hogwarts Legacy Man Behind Moon Side Quest

Upgrading your Alohomora Spell in Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to pick higher-level locks, meaning you’ll gain access to higher-level loot. To upgrade this lock-picking spell, you must complete a side quest involving finding a bunch of collectibles around the Hogwarts world. The side quest requires 9 Demiguise moons for the first task, which would level up your spell to allow picking level 2 locks, and then the second task requires 13 more moons, which will level the Alohomora Spell to level 3 for level 3 locks. It’s a simple concept, but locating the statue moons is tricky and requires thorough exploration. This guide will provide the location of every Demiguise statue for this side quest.

Statue Locations for Man Behind the Moons Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Below are all the Demiguise Statues you can find with a level one Alohomora Spell. The second section refers to the ones locked behind a level 2 door, meaning you must get them after the first part of the Man Behind the Moons side quest. Use your Revelio spell to locate them easier. Remember, you can only collect these statues at nighttime.

Man Behind the Moons Part 1 – 9 Demiguise Moon Statues

First Demiguise Moon Statue


Lower Hogsfield – Located in the village south of Hogwarts, you will find a small cottage covered in vines from the earth. Right inside the door to your left you will find the statue.

Second Demiguise Moon Statue


Keenbridge – South of Hogwarts you will find the town of Keenbridge. Located on the west side of the village, you will find a cottage on a hill. Inside you will find this Demiguise Moon.

Third Demiguise Moon Statue


Brocburrow – East of Lower Hogsfield, you will find Brocburrow. Use your map to find a Merlin Trial and right across from that Merlin Trial is a cottage. Inside you will find a Demiguise Statue.

Fourth Demiguise Moon Statue


Upper Hogsfield – A village located North of Hogwarts. In the central area of this village you will find a cottage with a wheel on the doorstep. Inside you will find the Demiguise Statue.

Fifth Demiguise Moon Statue


Pitt-Upon-Ford – In this town you will find a three story house near a bridge. Inside on the third floor will be this statue shown below.

Sixth Demiguise Moon Statue


Irondale – Irondale is located southwest of Keenbridge for your reference. Looking out from the Floo Flame, there is a cottage on a hill to your right. Inside is this statue.

Seventh Demiguise Moon Statue


South Wing, Clock Tower Courtyard – Turn around from the Floo Flame and go across the bridge. Down the stairs, take a left and open the level 1 lockpick door to your left. Inside the middle stall you will find this statue.

Eighth Demiguise Moon Statue


The Great Hall, Great Hall – The back right corner of the room you will find a level 1 lockpick door. Open it and inside you will find this statue.

Ninth Demiguise Moon Statue


The Library Annex, Divination Classroom – Head to the Divination Classroom and take the ladder to the top. Inside the classroom you will find this statue on the desk.

Man Behind the Moons Part 2 – 13 Demiguise Moon Statues

First Demiguise Moon Statue


The Library Annex, Library – Go all the way downstairs through the restricted area in the library. Once you see a chest with an eye, continue past it and you will see the statue on the desk to your left.

Second Demiguise Moon Statue


The Bell Tower Wing, Beasts Classroom – From the Floo Flame, turn around and head to the door on the right side of the building. Unlock the level 2 door and inside you will find this statue.

Third Demiguise Moon Statue


The Belltower Wing, Hogwarts North Exit – From this Floo Flame, turn around and head back through the gate. Keep left until you find a room with a level 1 lock up against a staircase. Inside you will find this statue.

Fourth Demiguise Moon Statue


Hogsmeade – North of Tomes and Scrolls, and south of Ollivanders. Crack open the locked door located in the alleyway between the two shops to find it in the bedroom.

Fifth Demiguise Moon Statue


Hogs Head – In the back room of Hogs Head, located in Hogsmeade, you will find this Demiguise Statue on top of some wooden boxes.

Sixth Demiguise Moon Statue


Hogsmeade – House across from Brood and Peck. Go upstairs and find the statue in the room shown below.

Seventh Demiguise Moon Statue


Gladrags Wizardwear – This is a show located in Hogsmeade and has a Demiguise statue on top of the desk.

Eighth Demiguise Moon Statue


Behind Honeydukes – Behind Honeydukes in Hogsmeade, you will find a cottage with a level 2 lock. Inside you will find a statue located under the painting.

Ninth Demiguise Moon Statue


Astronomy Wing, Transfiguration Courtyard – Turn around from Floo Flame and you will find a door to the right inside the building. Through the door will be a Demiguise Statue.

Tenth Demiguise Moon Statue


Aranshire – A village located to the East of Hogwarts, you will use Revelio next to the Floo Flame. Revelio will show you a house that contains the Demiguise Statue. Use your lockpick spell to open the door and find it inside.

Eleventh Demiguise Moon Statue


Marunweem – Marunweem is found far south of the entire map. You will need to head through the Mine to reach it. The house in the center of the village is the one that possesses the Demiguise statue.

Twelfth Demiguise Moon Statue


Bainburgh – A town located Southeast of Marunweem, you will find this statue. The house has a level 2 lock on it and can be found acrosss from the vendor.

Thirteenth Demiguise Moon Statue


Cragcroft – Way southwest of the map, you will find Cragcrof. The cottage on the right-hand side of the vendor possesses the Demiguise Statue. Go up to the second floor and grab the statue.

Now that you have collected all the required moons, you can bring them back to Gladwin Moon, who will teach you level 3 of the Alohomora Spell.

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- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023