How Do You Repair the Alchemy Machine in Potion Craft

Discover how to repair your trusty alchemy machine

by Kara Phillips

As you go through Potion Craft, you’ll rely heavily on specific tools and their abilities to satisfy your customers. So, keeping them up to scratch for any sudden commission is essential. However, these tools won’t initially be useable, especially since there has been an extreme lack of care toward the start of the title. As the new alchemist, one of the many jobs in Potion Craft will be to repair the tools you’ll go on to use to help the townsfolk, so you must get to fixing straight away. The alchemy machine is one of the most integral you’ll have to repair, so read on to find out the steps you need to follow so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

How to Fix the Alchemy Machine in Potion Craft

Even though repairing the alchemy machine feels like a significantly challenging first step as you begin your journey into Potion Craft, it’s essentially just a challenge of finding and applying the right items. First, you’ll need to wait for the fellow alchemist to appear, offering a repair kit for 2,000g, which won’t mend the entire machine, but it’ll become functional. You can make several upgrades to the alchemy machine, but they cost a little more, and you’ll need to focus on making some money first. At least with the machine functional you will be able to start brewing.

The fellow alchemist will visit every few days, usually around five or six, so you’ll have ample opportunity to make some money and work toward the next upgrade. Following the small cost of 2,000g, the next upgrade will set you back 6,000g and repair the left side of the machine, and the final upgrade will cost 12,000g and patch up any holes left to fix. While these aren’t essential upgrades to make straight away, they are worth working toward, so you can make the most of your alchemy machine and meet every customer’s expectations.

Potion Craft is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 14th, 2023