How Does the Gauge Work During Battle in Live A Live?

Use this to your advantage in future battles!

by J.R. Waugh


Live A Live is out now, and you might have some questions if you’re used to more traditional JRPG layouts.  The unique Square Enix title makes use of a mixture of concepts for the battle system here, with features borrowed from turn-based tactical RPGs as well as a fluid, yet still orderly, a setup that feels like time is passing with each action.  Some might notice the meter beneath the green health bar and be wondering, How Does the Gauge Work During Battle in Live A Live?  Read on to find out!

How Does the Gauge Work During Battle in Live A Live?

Think of the gauge as 2 separate meters, because the yellow-orange one, when full, is when any given character can act, while the red-orange one is an attack/action being charged.  The former will affect all characters, and those with particularly high Speed will see this gauge charge quickly.  The latter, relating to charged actions, varies on how long it will charge, determined by charge speed described in abilities that require you to use it and then wait (such as Maser Cannon or Death Blossom.)


Something you should also note is that the gauge in Live A Live is present for both player characters and enemy combatants and that even moving from space to space causes this gauge to advance for everyone else.  So this moves a strategic exercise, and even moving 1 square can result in you getting attacked by an enemy who has waited enough time for an action or their secondary charge gauge to fill up.  Use this to your advantage, as speed will be key in most encounters.

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Live A Live was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 22, 2022.

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