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The Artful Escape: How Many Chapters Are in the Game

It's, like, about where you're going, not where you've been.

by Andron Smith


The Artful Escape has a lot of stories to tell in its run time and all are split into chapters, but actually how many chapters are in the game? Francis gets dragged through a lot of interstellar shenanigans during the game and as such, there are a multitude of unique and varied places to visit. Some chapters though are more important than others as they are the only places that players can customize Francis’ look or other pieces of his identity during the journey. In addition, there is a Chapter Select feature unlocked from the very beginning that allows players to skip around between each one. Here’s everything we know on how many chapters are in The Artful Escape.

How Many Chapters Are in The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape contains a total of 28 chapters, each with its own unique checkpoints within and the ability to jump back to an earlier one at any time. Each chapter also has a unique name which unfortunately sharing would be a spoiler for some fans. We have a few fun facts on how The Artful Escape uses its chapter structure down below.

Intergalactic Time is Relative

While not explicitly mentioned, there are some really good reasons to skip around chapters. A few that we found are:

  • After Francis defines his identity on the intergalactic talk show, you can return to this chapter later and change your responses. After completing it, Francis will use this new identity whenever it pops up in conversation.
  • Returning to Chapter 18 (Frida’s Closet) will allow players to customize Francis’ look. Unfortunately, if you take your awesome duds to any chapter previous to this one, you’ll be back in the clothes Francis was wearing at the time. So it’s really just if you want the final parts of the game to look a little different.

The Artful Escape is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, and PC.

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