How to Appear Offline in Fortnite on All Systems

Sometimes, we want to play alone without hurting people's feelings.

by Elliott Gatica


We all have our reasons why we want to play our games offline. You have too many friends and can’t all play together in the same session. Maybe you have different friend groups and don’t want to hurt peoples’ feelings. Whatever the case may be, you want to have that option. But how do you appear offline in Fortnite, especially on all systems? Here, we’ll help you do that on all platforms.

How to Appear Offline in Fortnite on All Systems

For people playing on PC through Epic Games, this will be simple. In the lobby, perform the following:

  • Press the Start/top left button in the lobby.
  • Hover over your player icon.
  • Set your Online Status from “Online” to “Away”.
  • Switch Party Privacy to “Private” or “Friends Only”.
  • You can set all other privacy options to your liking.

These settings can also be applied if you’re playing on mobile, Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox. Although you have these settings on, you won’t be labeled as fully offline. “Away” can mean a lot of things that can be interpreted as you being AFK or anything else.


Now that you’re appearing as offline as you can be in the actual game, you’ll still want to appear offline if you’re on a console. Here’s how to do that on each platform.

PlayStation 4 and 5

  • Head over to your Home screen/ Dashboard.
  • From here, select your Profile at the top.
  • Set your online status to “Appear Offline”.

Xbox One and Series S/X

  • Press the Xbox button to bring up the overlapping menu.
  • Hover over your profile icon also labeled Profile & System.
  • In this menu, you can set your status to Appear Offline.

Nintendo Switch

  • Click on your profile page
  • Go to User Settings.
  • Select Friend Settings.
  • Set “Display online status to:” No One.

The reason why console players have to put themselves offline on two instances is that Fortnite doesn’t receive the setting of appearing offline from the dashboard. It’s run through Epic, so you still have to do both, unfortunately, especially since crossplay is a thing.

Fortnite is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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