How to Beat ??? Boss in Afterimage

Are you trying to battle ??? in Afterimage?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Afterimage is the latest Metroidvania to put all of your skills to the test and with bosses like ??? close to the start of the game, it certainly does that. There are many souls-like elements scattered throughout the journey so it is only fitting the same is true for bosses. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to defeat ??? in Afterimage.

Defeating ??? in Afterimage

In order to defeat ??? be sure to use a weapon such as a whip as your secondary weapon. Long-range attacks are going to be your best friend in this battle. Whenever ??? makes swings in towards you with the sword jump over after a second and a half. After this, make three whip strikes toward the boss and then jump back out again. Repeat this process until the boss reaches half health.

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When she is at half-health keep a careful eye out for when she points her sword upwards to the sky. Beams of light will appear and you need to rush to the small gap in light and wait there. When the other beams disappear move (immediately) out of the area you were in. This is because another beam of light will appear and damage there.

Continue to damage the boss the way you were doing originally: also making sword slashes when you can. If you are needing some extra power, level up by defeating roaming enemies in the area before the boss. Along with that, you can purchase the following Talents to get extra strength for the battle.

  • Wisp of Valor
  • Booster of Wisdom
  • Wisp of Toughness

Are There Any Other Bosses Before ??? in Afterimage?

Yes, even though this is an early game boss you will still encounter Lamellar Warrior before you encounter ???. If you happen to be struggling with Lamellar then we would recommend always jumping over Lamellar when you can — attack from behind the leaping boss instead. A frontal attack will always likely end up with you taking damage in some form.

If you are going up against this boss cautiously then you won’t have too many issues. Unlike ??? where you will be doing your best to keep the damage output high while dodging around in a silver flurry. With the tips mentioned above you should be clear of this boss with some practice in no time.

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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