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How to Beat Dracula in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Belmont's biggest foe is tough to beat.

by Kyle Hanson


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may not be a challenging game, if you’ve kept up with the series and its many evolutions. Sometimes though, it tosses a fight at you that’s almost impossible. Whether it’s in World of Light or elsewhere, these fights can be so tough that you are forced to look for hints or some kind of trick to completing it. This is the case with Dracula, who appears both in World of Light and Classic Mode. To help, here’s how to beat Dracula in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This is a two phase battle, with the first phase being easier, but also more confusing. If you just started, you probably began punching, kicking, or otherwise accosting Dracula just like every other enemy, only to be met with a full health bar. Yes, there is a trick to taking this guy down in his first form, which is to listen to Thanos’ advice. “You should’ve gone for the head.”

The only way to deal damage to Dracula in the first phase of his fight is to hit him in the head, no matter how. For example, you can use Link’s down-A, or any of Simon’s range or whip attacks. No matter how you do it, you’ve gotta hit him in the head to do any sort of damage at all. While you do this he’ll be throwing everything he’s got at you, so make sure to avoid his attacks. Many focus directly in front of him, so make sure you alternate which side you attack from, or stay above him. Use dodge and shield well and you’ll have him out of the battle pretty quick.

Of course, he won’t be completely out of the battle, even once his health hits zero. Once that happens Dracula will transform into a gigantic beast. Thankfully, while this is still a challenging battle, you can hit him anywhere to deal damage. I’d still recommend sticking to the air, as many of his attacks focus toward the ground, and they hit hard. Just deal as much damage as possible in this phase. If you’re playing in World of Light you can focus on Spirits that will help here, such as giving you an extra jump, or an auto-heal. Do enough damage and Dracula will fall.

And that’s how to beat Dracula in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, both in the World of Light and Classic Mode.

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