How to Beat the Whirlpool Boss in Octopath Traveler 2

With an insane health pool, this boss can be difficult.

by Christian Bognar
Scourge of the Sea Boss
Image: Square Enix and Acquire

Scourge of the Sea, known as the Whirpool boss, in Octopath Traveler 2 is a highly challenging enemy found just north of Tropu’hopu by fast traveling. With high stats and strong abilities, this boss can be tough to beat if players don’t bring the right jobs and skills to battle. If you need help taking down this challenging foe, this guide has everything you need to know regarding beating this boss, including the Scourge of the Sea stats, what jobs to bring, and more.

How to Beat the Scourge of the Sea Boss from the Whirlpool

The Scourge of the Sea has a high HP of 95,000 while also reaching 1100 in damage to party members through its base attack, Bark Dream ability, and Dark Vortex. The goal against this boss is to destroy the boss’s shield while finding the right balance in keeping your party alive through support skills.

Valuable support skills for this fight include both Rise Again and Hang Tough. The former will resurrect a fallen team member who has the ability equipped, while the latter will prevent a team member from dying due to a lethal attack. Using these two abilities will increase the chances of surviving the fight and providing second chances.

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First Phase

Picking the right jobs is extremely important during this boss to fight, as some will be more beneficial than others. It is our recommendation to select Warrior, Cleric, and Scholar. Warrior will provide the aggressive slash ability, which will damage the boss’s shield—a fundamental goal in the fight—Cleric will heal the whole team, and Scholar will provide the use of fire, which the boss is weak to.

You can increase your chances by having two party members focusing on healing during the fight while the rest aim to deal as much damage as possible. Having two healers is a good idea considering the boss removes two of your party members at the beginning of the fight, and if you are left with no healers, your chances to win the battle diminish tremendously.

Second Phase

Once you get the boss to 30,000 HP, he will stop removing two of your party members. At this point, though, Scourge will start an incredibly fatal charge-up move. You must use as much BP as possible to break this move before it activates, or else you will be left with only one member on the field—who will most likely die at this point.

Once you get past that point, it is about dealing as much damage as possible. Let your healers do the work and keep attacking with the other party members. Eventually, you will take down this challenging boss.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023